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SYMBIS – Save You Marriage Before It Starts

  • 8Weeks


THE WORLD’S MOST PRACTICAL MARRIAGE ASSESSMENT – Save You Marriage Before It Starts - preparing for lifelong love just got easier. You can build your marriage on more than a hope and a prayer. The SYMBIS Assessments gives you a personalized road map to making your marriage everything it was meant to be. True love never ends and it begins with thoughtful preparation. In this 8 hour Pack you will learn the tools to enjoy limitless love. Create the foundation for your happily ever after. You both grow to where you want to go and you'll get simple MicroActions to immediately implement. Topics covered: Your Money Methods Kick financial friction to the curb and ensure you realize your shared dreams together. Your Personalities Unpack your unique personality dynamics not only as individuals but more importantly as a couple. Your Fight Types Discover your “hot topics” and the secret of leveraging conflict for a stronger relationship. Your Talk Styles Crack the code for deep and meaningful conversations to enjoy heartfelt and lasting connections. Your Love Life Cultivate deeper intimacy and enduring passion for a lifetime of pleasure and fulfillment. Your Deepest Longing Create your ultimate soul-to-soul connection and discover how to infuse your relationship with meaning. In addition to your SYMBIS assessment, you will also get your own personalized Lifetime of Limitless Love Playbook! Book your Private S.Y.M.B.I.S. Pack and be ready for a Lifetime of Love!

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